Discover a unique jewelry
and gift boutique

Whether you need a gift for a loved one, or want to gift yourself with something special, Nature's Touch is the boutique for you!

From sterling silver, freshwater pearls and fashion jewelry to bags, purses and wallets, there's something for everyone. We feature artists and designers from across the country with new lines added often. We are proud to offer these items at reasonable prices - items ranging from $5 to $200, with most items under $70.

We also offer fashion jewelry repair, re-stringing and hand-knotting. Common repairs we can help with: Lengthening bracelets or necklaces, converting clip earrings to pierced, re-stringing broken necklaces or bracelets and hand-knotting strands of pearls. Let us help revitalize old pieces to create something new and special for you or your loved ones.

Take a virtual tour of Nature's Touch Jewelry by clicking here. Double click on the open door to be taken inside. Click and hold to navigate around the store in the 360 degree tour.

Nature's Touch Jewelry was created and opened in 1992 by Pat Redlinger after she spent many years traveling the country doing art fairs. In 2015, Pat sold the business to long-time customer Erin Wendt. Nature's Touch is located in the heart of the Ames Main Street Cultural District.


We feature many artists unique to Ames and Iowa, and are always on the search for new designers. Some of the artists and lines we carry include:
Barbabra Mellen
Gleeful Peacock
Holly Yashi
Pop Jewelry Studio
Silver Deer
Veronica Riley Martens
In addition, we create our own custom jewelry - earrings, necklaces and bracelets hand-made in the store!

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